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Who to talk to???


Who can I speak with on discounts on monthly services? I am looking at 4gb plan. I need to get the cost down due to Social Security Disability. Everyone knows SSD pays pocket change. I do realize there are pre-paid MVNO's but need a new phone due to mine messing up.  Who should I ask for when calling to get the best discounts they can offer?

Muchas gracias

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Re: Who to talk to???

Líder Sénior

Instead of looking for discounts on phones, you should probably be looking at a less expensive phone. Verizon sells many smartphones which are modestly priced.

Samsung Galaxy J3 V - Colores. Reviews, & Price | Verizon Wireless

LG K20 V | Verizon Wireless

ZenFone V Live | Verizon Wireless

moto g6 | Smartphone Android económico | Verizon Wireless

ASUS ZenFone V | Especificaciones, precios, reseñas | Verizon Wireless

Reseñas, colores y precio del Samsung Galaxy J7 V | Verizon Wireless

iPhone 6s - Colores, precio y accesorios | Verizon Wireless

You won't get the newest model(s) or the most popular phone, but the prices are much lower.

If you are looking for a discount on service, you are not likely to get one and may have to lower to a 2 GB plan in order to cut costs.


Re: Who to talk to???

Asistencia al cliente

Mike44a, it is always nice to save money off of your monthly services especially if you are on a limited budget.Good news is that you can use the following link to see if your account qualifies for any additional discounts so you can start saving money. Please let us know if you have any questions. Estamos aquí para ayudarte. 


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