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Which is better: multi line, unlimited, or beyond?

So I am on the unlimited plan the came back early 2017. With my military discount, fios discount and $5 autopay. I play $63.50 including taxes. Now i plan to add a friend on my line. I notice with two lines on the beyond unlimited i would be paying like $75 per line. So does anyone have discount similar to mine with the " New verzion multi line unlimited " which is $110 per line with $20 access line?  Or is there something better than these? Because I can not add her to my current plan because it is only for single lines.

We both have iphone 6s plus which we bought off ebay to avoid paying extra fees.

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Re: I have the single unlimited line that came out in Febuary 2017, now i need 2 lines, which is better: multi line unlimited or beyond? I have military discount, $10 verizon fios discount and $10 autopay..
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At this time, we would definitely recommend the Beyond Unlimited plan. You would get a $15.00 military discount as well as $5.00 per phone with the Automatic Payment Option and Paperless Billing. At this time, it looks like you would also be able to keep the Fios/Verizon Wireless joint discount if you move to Beyond Unlimited.


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