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Where to go for answers on poor customer service

I’ve tried numerous different ways to get my situation taken care of and I hope this is the last time I have to tell Verizon my story.

About a month ago I went into the Canton Michigan Verizon store to have them take a look at why the earpiece on my LG VS980 4G LTE phone had stopped working. After a short wait I was helped by "Tony" a sales associate. He asked what the issue was and I told him that I couldn't talk on my phone without using on speakerphone mode. Although I knew that my phone had a chip in the bottom right corner of the screen and was working perfectly for month, I wanted them to inspect my phone. He took a look at my phone, assumed inspected it and then said ok this should be covered by the warranty. He then took my phone to another part of the store, assuming he had it inspected by a technician. When he returned he said you're covered and we can order you a new phone. So he did just that, he ordered me a new phone and said it will arrive in a couple days.

The new phone arrived and I followed the instructions to swap the phone out and send my old phone in.

A couple days later I get an email from Verizon stating that my phone was not covered by the warranty like the Verizon Associated, Tony, had stated previously.

To get answers to why I was charged and additional $299.00 I called Verizon support.  The first person I talked to for 30 minutes told me that because my phone was chipped/cracked in the corner that I wasn't covered. Again, after the sales associated inspected by phone in front of me and take the phone to another location in the store, assuming to be inspected by a technician, I was told that my phone was covered.  The person on the phone said she was going to call the store to talk to a manager, but the phone got disconnected and I had to call back.

This time I was on the phone for an hour and a half going through the same process I did with the first person, only this time she was able to get through to the store and talk to a manager and discuss my issue I had at the store.  I was told that the manager that was in the store at the time said that the managers inspect every phone that comes into the store with an issue and that her associates would NEVER make that mistake. Then I was told by the person on the phone that there was nothing that they could do.

So I went back to the store because I still didn't understand why I was being charged for a phone that I was told, after the sales associated inspected my phone and told me that I was covered by the warranty.  When I arrived at the store this time, I spoke with Michael White a manager. I told him the series of events that I've been through. He looked my phone up and told me that there is nothing that they can do. But they did tell me that Tony wasn't working and that they wanted to confirm with him. They said he was working tomorrow so they could call me back after talking with Tony.

The next day I received a call from Shannon, I was told that there is nothing that they can do, and that my phone would not be covered because the phone, when I brought it in to the store wasn’t damaged at the time. Which I knew wasn’t the truth. So now I am being called a liar. I was told that I broke my phone between the times I brought my phone into the store the 1st time, which was inspected by Tony and a manager, to the time I shipped it back.

Now let me get this right. I have my phone looked at by 2 people who work at the Verizon store and confirmed that it is covered by the warranty and being that I knew that they phone was chipped and was working just fine up to this point, I am going to allow them to send it in knowing that I will be charged $299 for a phone I spent $50. What sense does that make? Why would I risk being charged $299 if I wasn't told that my phone was covered after being inspected? I would have turned my phone in to the insurance company in paid $100 if that was the case.

To make one more attempt at getting a good answer to why this is happening, I log on to Verizonwireless.com and spoke to a person, Anna, on chat and told her my situation. She was very understanding and said that she would have her supervisor file a complaint for me. I appreciate her efforts in helping, but I still haven't heard anything from Verizon.

I need an understanding to why Verizon associates are able to tell loyal customers that their phone is covered by warranty, and then I get charged for the phone a couple weeks later.

I need a better answer than what I've been hearing. I look forward to hearing from someone.


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