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Where specifically do I file a complaint?


I signed up for the Edge program and did so using early upgrade following all guidelines. I turned in my phone using the provided packaging on May 1st and it was delivered by USPS on May 11 to the correct facility in Fort Worth Texas. Since May I have been dealing with customer service because I received texts that they still had not received my phone. Multiple calls, multiple notes added to my account, tickets opened, but no resolution.

I reiterate that the phone WAS DELIVERED to their facility on May 11. The last call I made the person also verified it was received at their warehouse in Fort Worth Texas and everything should now be fine.  Again multiple notes added to my account.  Rest assured I also made detailed notes including everyone I spoke to and where they were located with dates times and ticket numbers.

As of today my bill came in and they charged me for not turning in the phone even though VERIZON HAS IT. The person I spoke to today opened a ticket, gave me the ticket number and said it could take up to two weeks to get it all sorted out.  Why? I have been on the phone almost every week since May. It should be fixed by now.  I have been a customer since 1999 and have had no problems in the past until now.

I am thoroughly disgusted, want resolution and want it now!  I have been patient long enough. Where is the complaint form, email address or phone number so I can get direct an immediate help?

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Re: Where specifically do I file a complaint?


You'll just have to keep calling customer service, but it sounds like they have done all they can do at this point. Many phones have been getting lost; some 6+ months ago and they are still dealing with Verizon. Wait out the 2 weeks, it will get resolved.