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Where's customer service?


I need help with getting satisfactory customer service while I am out of the country.  I've been a customer for many years and through 2 previous deployments.  This is the first time I've had problems with my account and am getting terrible customer assistance trying to resolve any of my issues.  Issues are that the account changes I try to make online are not showing up on the account,  Global service was added to my account somehow and needs to be removed and to top it off I think I'm still being billed for lines that show up (sometimes!) as inactive.  I've been told to "fax" my military orders in and I don't have access to a fax and so far I haven't been told that I can email the orders in anywhere to justify a longer than 3 month customer initiated suspense for 2 of my devices.  Feeling like I'm abandoned when I've only gone to Germany, but still paying out the wazoo for services I'm not even using.  I need good solid customer service from someone high enough in the company to handle account issues without going to ask someone else after I've been on an international call for 20 minutes explaining all of this.  Did I fall off of the earth?   There needs to be some way for me to access my account like a regular person even when I'm out of the country.  - I understand security but I don't have issues with my financial institutions and this mess is for a phone. Now I've had to add a paid service for a stateside IP address just to access the account and I'm still not getting issues resolved. What I need: Global plan taken off my primary line (which is suspended) from when it was added (April), a way to send you military orders by some means other than fax, ability to manage my account while out of the country, and confirmation that the change I just tried to change (upping 4GB to 6GB data plan).  Almost positive that the new data plan will go into effect because that'll add more money to my billing. Excuse my sarcasm at this point.

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Re: Where's customer service?


It's extreme. You want service cancelled but wanna up the data. Odd. You can manage account anywhere

. Also you have to fax orders but don't want to. All these things would raise flags.


Re: Where's customer service?

Asistencia al cliente

You deserve world class customer service regardless of where you are in the wolrd Etallent! I apologize for any issues you have experienced trying to access account online while outside the USA. Due some internet restrictions in some countries, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access your account online while outside the United States. However, our Global Support team will be happy to address all your concerns and make any changes you need to your account. Your post indicate that you are in Germany, please call our Global Support team at 00 800-50050099 free of charge from any landline phone in Germany.

On a personal note, I do thank you for the sacrifice that you have made in order to keep us safe and secure. I wish you a safe tour and I hope you are able to return home to your loved ones very soon.


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