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When will I get the bill credits for the phone I purchased on Cyber Monday?


I purchased four Moto Z phones on Cyber Monday in December.  Best Buy had an unbelievable deal offering the Moto Z for $4.99 a month.  I activated three of the four phones immediately, mine, my wife's, and my oldest son's.  We waited to activate the fourth phone for my youngest son because we were going to surprise him for Christmas.  My phone was flawed with a bluetooth issue.  I took it back to Best Buy (as directed by Verizon support) the week after receiving the phone and they swapped me out for a working unit.  Low and behold when I get my bill I am charged $4.99 for three Moto Z phones (my wife's and both sons) and I am charged the regular price for my line.  I have contacted Verizon no less than three times since then.  Each time they tell me the issue is fixed and I will receive my discount on my phone bringing it down to $4.99 and I will receive credit for paying almost $16.00 a month extra for all of these months.  Each time I am told it will take effect within two to three billing cycles.  I last spoke with Verizon on May 31.  I had a lengthy talk with the Trade-in Department. They assured me things would be taken care of.  I have not received any indication things have been fixed.  Am I fighting a lost cause?  Am I just destined to be [Removed] and have to pay this thing out at the regular price after being assured time and time again it would be fixed?  Am I going to have to take my family to another carrier soon? My wife and son are ready to pay off the Moto Z so they can pre-order the Note 8.  We want to stay with Verizon and we want to continue to give them our money, but they are making it extremely difficult to justify staying.

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Re: When will I get the bill credits for the phone I purchased on Cyber Monday?

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Getting the full credit for all of your phones is crucial. That's a big difference in price. I'd love to dig into this and figure out why that hasn't applied yet. I sent you a PM. Please reply when you can so we can fully assist you.


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