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What happened to the Verizon I used to love???


I have been with Verizon for 13 or 14 years and have always loved them until now... Before my wife went to Mexico of 8 days I called to make sure we turn off the roaming data correctly. The man I spoke with told us about a program they have for $2 per day she can use our minutes and even our data and we were all set. I was like WOW this is why I love Verizon. My wife got a text when she got to Mexico and she replied yes. Then we got bill if $664 of which $447 was for voice roaming... I did the chat to get it fixed and they said they did not receive her text that said yes and there was nothing they could do... How did Verizon become such a unethical company that they don't care about losing a long time customer (who's bill is always over $200 per month) just to get a an extra $447 once???

How many others have this happened to? Do I need to look into a class action suit?

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Re: What happened to the Verizon I used to love???

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Community Manager

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I would be concerned too if this had happened to my account. Your loyalty means the world to us. We want to ensure all options have been reviewed. Please reply back to the private message I am sending to you.

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