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Wanted Prepaid, but I was put on a 2 year contract


I had purchased a Jetpack Mifi6620L device for full retail at $199 so avoid being on contract, I spoke to Verizon rep about it and I was told I could do prepaid, so I decided to go along with it, I started looking at my online account and noticed I was on a 2 year contract, when originally I wanted to be on prepaid, that was my reason for purchasing my item at full retail

I even looked at online documents and noticed 2 things, first was my receipt for the device I had purchased at full retail price, and my signature was there which I remembered is all I signed for at time of purchase, another document I noticed is customer agreement, I took a lot at that document and this is where I find really strange, this is where the 2 year contract is stated, but clearly my signature is not on that document, I was clearly cheated into a 2 year contract with no signature on a document

how is it I'm on this 2 year contract when I clearly had not signed to agree to in the first place, all I wanted was to be on PREPAID, that is why I purchased the item at full retail price, clearly the representative gave me half answers, and no one has been able to fix this up for me, just a lot of run arounds

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