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WORST SERVICE/3 weeks of ME doing YOUR job


HOW in the WORLD does one actually speak with a manager or supervisor with Verizon?  I have spent OVER 10 hours of MY personal time dealing with YOUR company to CONTINUOUSLY encounter employees who are incapable of completing their jobs, and failing to commit to the service agreements presented.  I have asked EACH person via the 611# as to HOW I can escalate my issue in order to get back to my REAL job, and stop doing theirs.  Not one has been able to politely express to me a process, so I'm STILL in limbo with NO phone and it is 3 weeks later!!!!!!! If I wasn't trapped by Verizon through a transfer of liability form which allowed me to take my number from a previous company, then I would have LEFT this circus an hour in to the first call.  This is BY FAR the absolute WORST service I have EVER in my life experienced from ANY company.  Since my "valuable" team member, Marissa insisted that there was nothing she could do, and that the only way I could escalate an issue (even when it's THREE WEEKS old) is by submitting a post online...then I suppose public forums are the ways of Verizon.  So, is there any way for SOMEONE to review this issue and have SOMEONE contact me that can FINALLY resolve an ACTUAL issue? 

I now confidently know what the absolute bottom looks like in regards to customer service. Well done. 

Verizon Wireless Customer Support

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