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VerizonUP Super Ticket AWFUL New Change - Can't win them more than once for 6-24 months!!!!


Hey Verizon. I haven't had Super Tickets showing for a week now. My coworker I got to swithc to Verizon from AT&T has Justin Timberlake, etc. I call up VerizonUp # and they tell me a new rule went in effect last week where if you win a Super Ticket you can't win another for another 6 months and if it's like a Super Super ticket like a flyaway, u can't win another for 24 months?! Why?! That's NOT fair! I don't want to pay over priced Verizon costs and spend $300 to get one token that lasts 60 days to choose which cruddy $5 gift card to get! I would NOT have stayed with Verizon if I knew you were going to mess over your customers. It's not our fault some of us know how to press a button on the phone faster to win the tickets compared to others! We shouldn't be penalized for it! Change this back otherwise I' want toswitch to Tmobile or something. At least I know I could get a free pizza each week instead of spending what like.. $900 over 6 months to get another chance at Super Tickets or spend $300 to have to choose a cruddy $5 gift card.  What kind of blockheads do you take us for!?