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Verizon wrongfully changed my plan


i am taking my frustration with verizon out here hoping i will get a solution. So i had the perfect plan for years, unlimited calls/texts, 8G of shared data and 1000 shared minutes for international calls/text ($20 for the 1000 minutes). I need it have to call my whole family who lives oversea. When Verizon started their new plan i call them twice to make sure if i switch to the new plan i will still have my 1000 shared minutes and they said on both times YES and it will be even cheaper $15. When the next bill came it was almost $900 instead of $330 i usually pay. i went and look at the bill and they charged me for every single call i made to my family. I called them and the lady said that those who had the same plan i had have been wrongfully billed and they will get corrected within a week. A week passed and nothing so i called back and they told me that the $15 for the new plan is for discounted rates/minutes. my question to her was why will i gave 1000 minutes for $20 and sign up for $15 and on top of that i pay $1.99 per minutes. she verified my account and said the new plan doesn't sense for me and have no idea why Verizon changed my old plan. So she submitted an investigation to review all the calls i made with them and was supposed to call me within with what the found. but in the mean time she rolled my plan back to the plan i had and it should be effective the 4/4/2017. after a week i called back and they credited my account with all the wrong charges and fees. On the 4th i checked my account and they got my plan back to 8G and no 1000 shared minutes, so i called Verizon and they said they can't give me my 1000 minutes because they dont have it anymore even they have said they will

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Re: Verizon wrongfully changed my plan

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My suggestion would be to sign up for Skype or look into Google's Project Fi for your cellular provider.