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Verizon reporting data as being used, at night, when asleep and connected to wifi.


Saw that data was documented as being used on both of my lines at times when we are at home and connected to wifi - and also ASLEEP. Data being AM, "used" from 12AM-7AM, multiple times a night, multiple days a week, FOR MONTHS. First the representative blamed it on me for having wifi assist activated on both phones, this is not the case, wifi assist is deactivated on both phones, and has been since we activated each phone. Then the rep. said it must be facebook using data - when proven that it couldn't be, as one of the phones doesnt even have a facebook let alone a facebook app installed on the phone, The Rep. tried to blame it on another company, saying that it was your company doing system updates at those times, and that our internet provider's system must of been having network problems,  when stated how unlikely the probability was that for multiple times a night, multiple days a week, and going back MONTHS, that our internet provider would have network problems the same nights and times you were doing your automatic system updates, the rep said there is nothing they can do - contact Tech Support! I find this highly irritating, that not only am I being charged for data that I am not even using, but I was first insulted as being incompetent to not turn off certain functions on my iphone that would eat up data. Then when proven wrong, the rep just says cant help you, contact someone else.

I know that I am not the only customer being ripped off like this. Please check your data usage and see if they are too siphoning your data from your account and claiming it as you using it. I am sick of paying such a high amount for such horrible customer service and little data. I have been a loyal customer for 12 years and Verizon continues to treat loyal costumers like crap. 

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Re: Verizon reporting data as being used, at night, when asleep and connected to wifi.


Please do a search. This issue has been addressed.

The time that data is reported is never the actual time it was used. It could take 8 or more hours for your data usage to be reported. It depends on the tower reporting. It is not in real time.

If you have an iPhone then you should do the following:

1.) Learn what you cycle start date is.

2.) Put a monthly recurring reminder on your calendar

3.) Record your usage statistics before going to bed.

4.) Reset your usage and monitor what the phone reports vs what Verizon reports.

Verizon will tell you that the phone is not accurate but I have never seen any large discrepancy between my device and Verizon's reporting.