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Verizon login security image gone?


A while back, at the verizon login screen, it would show a security photo.  The photo was one that you chose, and it ensured that you were on a legitimate Verizon login web page.  I no longer see that image, even when I log in through  I don't recall getting a notice that it was going away, and the last discussions of it on your forum date back to 2017.  However, your web page on Verizon Security still mentions it, and warns that you should not log-in if you do not see it.  Can we get an official Verizon representative to provide a clear answer on this?  Here is the URL to the Verizon Security web page:    

If this security feature has been removed, would you please respond to this post, and update your security web page.

Muchas gracias


Re: Verizon login security image gone?


Your link is to the Verizon Residential landline service support docs and not to the Verizon Wireless business. It is possible the two websites handle the My Verizon login differently. 


I also know if you registered your computer when logging into your account, it doesn't ask as many security questions as if you log in from an unknown machine. 

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.