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Verizon is censoring calls from T-mobile phone numbers


Veriizon has been censoring incoming calls calls from T-Mobile numbers for the past 5 mo. Callers attempt to dial my number, and are immediately met with an automated recording stating, "You have reached the voicemail system, enter your password." I receive no missed call, and they can't even reach my voice mail. I have opened trouble tickets with no movement. What is it going to take to get some traction here? I am counting down here until May 31st, when I will file a formal lawsuit with the FCC.

Original Trouble Ticket filed in December 30, 2016:


I am also posting on Twitter for awareness. I have to resort to a public forum because I can't even correspond VIA email.

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Re: Verizon is censoring calls from T-mobile phone numbers


Are these people who know you? Could it be possible you have the call forwarding enabled or those numbers set to go directly to the voicemail through your contacts application?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Verizon is censoring calls from T-mobile phone numbers


Hola Ann,

They are both people who know me and people who I do business with. It doesn't matter if they are in my contacts or not. 2 months ago, I got a new iPhone and didn't move any data over from my previous phone in hopes that I could isolate and alleviate the issue, with no luck.

It is literally every T-mobile number. I haven't set up call forwarding. Thanks for your thoughts!

verizonmoderator2​ I'm still waiting for your commentary here as this needs to be resolved by May 31st, else I will be seeking legal action. It is absurd that I can't have a dialogue over Email.