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Verizon forced buyout of my AppleWatch on installment plan without cause and breached my contract


On Nov 30th, 2019, I purchased an AppleWatch Series 5 and received it on Dec 4th, 2019. I didn't start using it until Dec 25th, since it was a Christmas present. I received an email from Verizon on Dec 30th, 2019 saying I had not activated my watch and I had to activate it within 45 days of receipt. I called in Verizon support to activate my watch on Jan 16th, 2020. I spent a good while on the phone with the rep who was able to get it activated. I have a text message from Verizon stating that I completed the number share and my watch was activated. My deadline, according to the email on the 30th, would be Jan 18th. 

Verizon did a forced buyout of my AppleWatch on an installment plan and billed me over $700 on my Feb bill, despite my watch getting activated before the deadline. This is incredibly wrong and I have messaged Verizon on live chat multiple times, called multiple times and each time, reps either had no idea why this happened or said they would have a reinstatement letter sent in to add this device back on to my installment plan. 

The latest rep claimed I did something wrong and that I didn't activate my device in time and even claimed that this happened because my Watch was activated on a different phone # than was automatically generated when I bought the watch. My contract states that I must activate within 45 days of receipt which I did. I even got an email on 12/30/19 which stated I had until Jan 30th, 2020 to activate, but looking at the original time frame from date of receipt, that would be Jan 18th, 2020. I activated before. 

Verizon has breached the installment contract that I agreed to and I did nothing wrong. I am extremely frustrated with Verizon for this terrible behavior in blaming me for this error, not rectifying this and forcing me into a position to pay over $700 for a device that I cannot afford upfront and offering me no way to return to get a refund and out of the obligation to pay for this device. 

Regardless of whether the Apple Watch was activated on the original automatically generate phone # assigned to my order or a new one makes no difference. I need this Apple Watch put back on my installment plan with any promotion credits I was originally due. I have spent hours of my time trying to resolve this. I was told by multiple Verizon reps that someone would call me back and that has never happened. Every time and I feel lied to and treated horribly, not to mention a blatant illegal breach of contract by Verizon, forcing me into a financial rock and a hard place, forcing me to delay payment of my bill, adding fees. On top of this, I have been with Verizon for almost 8 years and pay over $350 a month in my bill. 

I need solutions. 





Re: Verizon forced buyout of my AppleWatch on installment plan without cause and breached my contract


Unbelievable! After talking with a Verizon rep, they said I didn't violate the installment agreement. The Verizon rep that activated my watch didn't do it right and created a new # to link to the watch instead of the original # auto assigned. Their system didn't see an activation on the original # and forced a buyout of my watch because of THEIR error in not moving the contract over to the new #! Verizon says they are unable to re-instate my installment agreement, even though I did nothing wrong and Verizon made an error.

Now I am forced to pay over $700 out of pocket for a watch that I never agreed to pay or my service will be shut off at some point soon if I have an outstanding balance. 

No one at Verizon will help me! This is a total violation of contract, a customer service failure and this forces me to have to reach out to the community for feedback, suggestions of next steps and what my rights are.