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Verizon does not respond

After an hour on hold, I used MyVerizion on my phone.  AFter 20 minutes someonej responded.   I had two questions, and just asked 1....about my Rewards Points.  I was asked to hold.  After 20 minutes, I said "Hello"?  The person said they were still looking.  Another 20 minutes and I hung up.


I tried logging in here directly.  I put in my name and password, but the submit button would not work.  It stayed grayed out.  It had fully loaded and I even tried reloading it again.  No way to get through.

On the myverizon online, I signed in.   Under my device I could select from about 13 issues,. none of which applied.  I clicked on troubleshoot a new problem.  It logged me out.   I repeated it again and again.

Since i got on Verizon at the end of December, I cannot reach anyone. I call the regular phone number during hours and am told I'm calling after hours.   I call, am placed on hold for over an hour.   I get disconnected after waiting time.  I get transferred to departments that respond it is not a working number.

I had no phone service for a month and on Twitter they would keep telling me to call the phone number.

Dealing with Verizon makes me feel like I'm in a Kafka novel.  I have trouble believing still has a customer service department and they didn't decide to prevent customers from reaching anyone to save money.

I know Verizon keeps statistics about customer time on hold, customer satisfaction, etc.  Management has to know that people are not getting through.

When calling, one is told that there are more calls than average.  I have gotten that message every time.  How can every day be over average?

We're also told it's because of COVID.  Verizon, you made these changes in March.  That was over six months ago.  You've had plenty of time to make changes or hire new people. 

In the second quarter of the year, Verizon profits were up a half a billion dollars.  When people can't get service, get credits or reach anyone, it's clear how that has happened.

If you don't let customers reach you, you can get rid of customer service and save lots of money.

Re: Verizon does not respond
Sr. Member

First off, I love your name.

If you're reffering to Verizon Up rewards, you get one every month and can redeem it on various things such as gift cards. The My Verizon app will show what rewards are available each month.

If I were to base VZ's customer service on chat support alone, they'd get a giant F in red. Fortunately you can do almost anything self serve, but that time I needed support, I ended up doing a charge back because between 4 reps, not one could do a basic refund.

Just some insight from the other side, a typical day for a call rep includes back to back calls where the only moment of peace are two 15min breaks and lunch. Not too many people can deal with constant phone ringing followed by angry callers for 8+hr shifts on top of mandatory overtime.

Verizon doesn't care about their reps to take this long to hire more. It burns out who they do have and this is a horrible experience for them and the customer.

Re: Verizon does not respond

Don't Let Me Die...

I've probably been on hold/placed as many calls to Verizon in the last 10 weeks as anyone... As Bill Clinton used to say, "I can feel your pain"!

2 tips:  If you are calling about a tech issue tell the person you are talking to you want "tier-2" as most likely the first level tech support/customer service person won't be able to solve it.  They'll waste 30 minutes of your time and theirs trying to figure things out...

Secondly, if you have had "only one bad experience" on a non-tech issue, on the next call ask for/demand to speak to a "supervisor/manager"....  "Normally" one will not be on hold more than 20 minutes or so... (based on my experience).  But you need to be assertive to get someone to answer your questions when your first attempt(s) have failed.

I find overall, that tier-2 tech support is very good!  And "most tier 1/customer support" employees are also very good.  But you need to know when to demand to speak to a "tier 2 tech support" person and when to request a "supervisor/manager"...  The last thing you want to do is "die while being placed on hold"!!!  -  - Hope this helps!

Re: Verizon does not respond
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