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Verizon XXL vs Beyond Unlimited Plan. Which is better?


Verizon XXL vs Beyond unlimited. Which is better?

I am on the XXL plan and was thinking about switching. Has anyone made the switch from Verizon XXL to Beyond unlimited? Is anyone currently on beyond unlimited? I want to know is it better. After researching this is what I came up with.

I find Beyond Unlimited appealing because

  1. Beyond Unlimited plan price is $85 totaling $131.78 a month with insurance, phone payment, extra features, taxes ect.. I am currently paying $130 totaling 177.60 with the XXL plan. It will save me $45.82
  2. Service such as unlimited talk and text is the same.
  3. I use my phone as a mobile hotspot regularly and it has unlimited mobile hotspot with up to 15GB at 4G LTE speeds. It fall down after that.
  4. If I break it down harshly by price and data it is $177.60/24 GB = $7.40 per GB and $131.78/22 GB = $5.99 per GB. That is a $1.41 difference in price per GB.

The reason why I am with the XXL plan (and it isn't for the price lol)

  1. It has 24 GB and the hotspot doesn't slow down at 15 GB. That is a 9 GB difference in hot spot. This is important to me because I use it regularly.
  2. The GB roll over to the next month and it isn't wasted.

To save money I think I can make due with 15 GB per month on hotspot and it isn't a big of enough reason to stay on the XXL plan. I just don't want to switch over and regret the Beyond unlimited plan because I cant switch back.

So far things is looking good for Beyond unlimited. If you have that plan what has your experience been with it?

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