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Verizon Wireless Store in Pittsburgh completely incompetent


I'm on a family plan with my fiance and my mother and have been for 10+ years. During that time, we've had two major issues caused by visiting the following Verizon Wireless store.

Verizon Wireless Store

North Hills

4930 McKnight Rd,

Pittsburgh, PA 15237

(412) 369-8500

1.)      Problem 1 in 2014: We went in to get a new Samsung S4 under a promotion we saw advertised. The deal was a discount on the phone plus a $100 trade in value on your current phone, and a $50 rebate. However it worked out, the phone ended up being free. We explained this to the rep and he acted like he knew the promotion and got us set up. Or so we thought. My fiance blindly signed the paperwork without reading it (clearly our fault). I realized a few days later that the rep actually had signed us up for a new Edge plan and charged full retail price for the phone ($540). We spent weeks talking to the store and talking to customer service, and no one could do anything about this. I reached out to the regional president for our area, and he had someone contact us. After proving everything to him, he refunded the account the full the $540.00. He could not cancel the Edge plan. Apparently once it's on your account, it can't ever be removed under any circumstance. We stupidly didn't pay off the Edge at that time. We were satisfied with the resolution, but it was pretty ridiculous that it took one of the head people in the region to do anything to resolve this.

2.)     Problem 2 in Oct. 2015: The Edge plan comes back to bite us in the ass again. My fiance went back to Verizon on Mcknight because his charging port wasn't working properly on his Samsung S4. The rep who assisted him told him that he'd have to file a claim with Asurion. I asked if there would be an insurance deductible. He went in the back to check with someone, and then came out and said, "no, there would not be a deductible". We went home and called Asurion. Asurion said the store was wrong and there would be a $150 deductible. They said that the store should have done a manufacturer replacement in store. We went back to the store the next day and the rep said he was sorry for giving us wrong information. My fiance decided to get a new phone instead of going through the replacement process. My fiance signed the papers and got his new phone, turning in his Samsung S4. The next day, the rep called my fiance to tell him that he made a mistake and Edged up the plan on my phone line instead of starting a new Edge plan for him. He said that I had to go to the store and turn in my phone or my fiance would be charged the full retail value of his new phone ($768). This clearly is a huge inconvenience and I did not want to give up my phone and lose all my information and apps. Instead my fiance went back to the store and attempted to return his new phone and case (it was 1 day since the purchase). He wanted the rep to cancel everything he did to the account and he just wanted his old broken phone back. The rep brought out his old phone in a bag but refused to give it to him without exchanging it for my phone. They refused to take back the new phone / case despite the clear 14-day return policy. My fiance asked to speak with a manager, but the manager repeated the same thing. We called and spent 2 hours on the phone with 2 different customer service people and a manager. All 3 people agreed that the whole situation was beyond ridiculous and one rep commented that he's never even heard something so crazy happen. The store manager lied to one of the reps claiming that the return of the new phone was refused because he paid for the phone in full. The rep verified that this was a lie by logging into the account. The 2 reps and a manager also could do nothing to help us. I again reached out the regional president, but haven't heard back yet. I will be filing a claim with the BBB as well. In all, this store's mistake has taken up at least 12 hours of our time since last Thurs. It's the most incompetent store of any kind that I've ever visited. I will never go there again. If we weren't locked into the stupid Edge plan from hell, then we would leave Verizon right now and go to another provider. In my lifetime, I have never had a single experience like this with any other company. And I've had TWO with this one store.

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Re: Verizon Wireless Store in Pittsburgh completely incompetent

Asistencia al cliente

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about these unpleasant experiences, mebarerio. It is definitely disheartening to read. I have sent a Private Message to you here in the forom. Please log into https://community.verizonwireless.com/inbox and respond with the details I'll need to get this situation heading back into the right direction.

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Re: Verizon Wireless Store in Pittsburgh completely incompetent


The Verizon Executive team under the regional president stepped in and resolved the problem for us. They called the store and the store manager complied with everything they asked him to do. We are satisfied with this resolution, but again frustrated that it takes going to someone so high up in the company to resolve problems with this particular store. The store had ample opportunities to resolve this problem, but they refused until the Executive Team called them.