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Verizon Wireless Customer Service could not care less about their customers


I have an iPhone 6 and after 8 months the charging port stopped working for unexplainable reasons. I called customer service on Thursday morning and gave them my shipping address and promised that with overnight shipping a new phone would be delivered on Friday morning. On Saturday I still had not received a new phone so I called again and was informed that the had been accidentally shipped to my old home address which is my billing address. So not only had it not been overnighted it had also been shipped to the wrong location. I was quite upset and when I spoke to a supervisor named Kevin, he replied to my complaint of horrible customer service that if I was unhappy I could just leave and go to a new company. Finally on Saturday after 2 hours on the phone I was assured that a new phone would be shipped out to me and arrive on Monday morning. On Tuesday, no phone had arrived, I called again and to my disappointment found out that no new phone had been sent out. Again awful customer service. The only helpful person was a man on Tuesday, named Tyler who ordered a new phone to my correct address and expedited at no additional cost. I am still hoping that Verizon will try and do something to show how truly sorry they are that I had to experience this negligence and awful customer service, but as stated earlier they really could care less.

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