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Verizon Up Vanishing Value


Long time GTE/Verizon user (30 years+), and have been generally pleased (obviously) to stay with them as long as I have.  Issues, yes, but still the best in my view.  The most recent disaapointment of mine is the inconsistency to the available awards, and their amounts with the Verizon Up program.  Device Dollars, as one example, has decreased in value since its inclusion ( I think it was $20 originally), and this month, it is not even an option (so much for the plan many of us likely had).  Starbucks in another example, of where amounts have diminighed over time (now just $3).

The point is, that this program is not as big of deal as it was initially made-out to be, and there is even some Verizon credibility lost as a result of the lesser value offered, for the same user dollars spent.  Seems as if was more of a short-lived program to attract users to use the cell app, and bring them into the Verizon store, more than to serve as a reward and recognition program for those loyal users that spend hard dollars on Verizon's products and services.