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Verizon Trade In Device - Never "received"


4 months, 10 hours + about 20 reps later and Verizon still refuses to help me get my account balance back to what it needs to be. Every time I talk to a rep, they say "we understand, we will get this fixed." They never do. Countless hours, and my cell phone service still gets turned off every few days. They say I have a balance. They say my bill was pro-rated when I signed up with my new phone. They said that I never turned in my trade in. They have said this is my fault. They said there is nothing they can do. Figure it out Verizon. Eat the cost. Say okay, we lost the phone we will credit your account. Say I'm so sorry that this has caused so many issues. BUT NO. The phone is worth $501 dollars. I am pretty sure that is compared to pennies that Verizon makes per day from their customers. This is ridiculous. I will post my experience everywhere that I possibly can. I have never been treated like this in my life. The cell phone bills are paid. They have been "investigating" this since November.


Re: Verizon Trade In Device - Never "received"

Asistencia al cliente

Your time, money, and business are extremely important. I am so sorry that you have had such a negative experience and I would like to look into this for you personally. I will be sending you a Private Message to obtain some additional information, okay? Let's get this resolved once and for all!