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Verizon Customer Service Told me Repeatedly Something that later ended up being not true and costing me money


In May of this year, I called and spoke to a customer service over the phone asking about the BOGO offer on the Samsung Galaxy S9.  I have been with Verizon since 1995 and was upset that the offer didn't apply to current customers.  The agent suggested that I add a tablet and then transfer the BOGO and device to one of my existing lines.  She went on to say that I could cancel the tablet if I found myself not using it and still keep the BOGO.  I had an old tablet that I added the new line to and went ahead and ordered the BOGO.

In June, I found that I didn't use the tablet anymore than I had previously and in June, called and spoke with an agent about disconnecting it.  I was feeling concerned that maybe the first agent had been mistaken and that by cancelling the device, I would lose the BOGO discount.  I again questioned the agent in June asking for verification.  He again told me that yes, everything would be fine.

In July, I received my bill and found that the BOGO credit was no longer on it and reached out to Verizon Customer Service again - this time asking to speak with a supervisor.  When you call in, you get the message that your call is being recorded.  This time I referenced the prior 2 calls and asked them to review the tape and uphold their promises.  The supervisor told me that they would only have access to do it if it was someone at their location.  When I asked to speak with someone who could, She told me that there was no one else to speak with.  She would submit a request for it to be reviewed and someone would get back to me.

On August 9th, I thought I got smart and used Verizon Chat to inquire again.  The rep, Jesse, this time listened to my story and requested the tablet be reconnected to my account.  Jesse submitted a request for a $480 credit to cover the cost of the tablet for 2 years ($20/mo * 24).  This was approved.  Jesse was also requesting that the BOGO be reinstated which never happened.  Chat reference [removed]

On September 3rd, I called back when I didn't see the BOGO reinstated.  Again the agent listened to my story and told me that they would submit for the BOGO to be reinstated, referencing the prior Chat reference # - this again never happened.

On September 26th, I called back again.  Jesse, the agent listened and again and requested the BOGO be reinstated. Chat reference [removed] Was this Jesse the same Jesse as August 9th?

On September 27th, I received an email telling me that the BOGO was denied and called back again.  This time the agent said it was because the agreement hadn't been transferred along with the discount and assured me that things would be taken care of.  This time I spoke with Charlie.  Chat reference [removed] Charlie did apply a one time discount to my account.

On October 19th, I received notice of my new bill and upon checking it, realized that the BOGO was again not added back on.  I again contacted customer service via Chat.  Alex said that he would transfer the agreement and re-add the promotion back onto the account.  Alex said it would take 7-10 business days. Chat reference [removed]

While it has only been 5, I received my bill today and decided to take action on this community board - in hopes that either someone at Verizon is actually listening and paying attention to these issues or maybe it would help someone else who has been given bad information.  Each time I spoke with someone via Chat, they assured me that they were taking care of things.  Is this Verizon's way of standing behind their agents?  Empty promises to get people off the phone?

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Re: Verizon Customer Service Told me Repeatedly Something that later ended up being not true and costing me money

Verizon Employee

We never want any of our long time loyal customers to have this experience you described, VOGES4751. We want to help you in any way we can. We sent you a Private Message, please respond only to that message going forward.


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