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Verion Back charges - I am not happy


After being a loyal client for 20+ years, I am so very unhappy and disappointed with Verizon today. On 1/1/17 I upgraded my data from 2 to 12GB.  My billing date is 1/2/17.  I was not and have not been over on my data, I wanted to upgrade for the future when I added a device that day. For some reason, the Verizon rep that evening. backdated my account to 12/1/16 and charged me that 12GB.  Why?  I did not ask her to, she did not tell me she was - I know this because she told me what the amount of my January bill would be and it did not include a December charge for data that I was not over and I could never use because it was in the past. 

Today, when I talked with yet another Verizon rep to get this all figured out, I was basically told that I am just "out that $80". She cannot go back and credit me that. Okay I said, since it rolled over, I can use it in January so I won't lose it since I do not use that much data a month.  Well, no..... because in January it will use my January data then my December.  If i don't use 24GB this month then the December data will be lost.  So, I am basically out that December data/money. I am sorry, I do not agree. I did not ask the Jan 1 Verizon rep to back charge my account.  There was absolutely no need to.

I am so bummed....... I work hard for my money, as we all do.  I watch my bills and my pennies.  This is not right. What can I do or who can I call? Will Verizon call me?  I doubt it, not much faith in them at this time.  Smiley Sad

And this is the short story......

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