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VZW Customer aprreciation is DEAD!


That link is almost all exclusively 'NEW LINE REQ'D"!  

I've been with VZW since 1998 and been getting more and more frustrated each of the past 3 or so years. It's been worse than a root canal to get some sort of decent deals to upgrade. 

The worst just happened over the weekend!

I recieved a text that I can get $300 off certian phones for my 'Loyalty'. Not as good of a deal as New Line Req'd deals, but hey it was a deal I guess.

I chatted with a rep online and asked if I could get an iphone 7+ for $5/ mo like new customers would get, for my loyalty. At first they said Yes, so I started the order process. Then all of a sudden they tell me oh sorry it's $10/ mo and that was the best she could offer, but said I could call in the morning to talk to customer care and see if they can offer the $5.

When I called in the morning they not only said they couldn't do the $5/ mo, I then found out it was  now going to be $18.74/ mo!!!!! So she argues with me that the $10/ mo and the $5/ mo offers to me initially were 'mistakes' and could not be offered. But after I asked for a supervisor she then said she could go ahead and offer it to me for $10/ mo. What?? I thought she said it could not be possible to do either $10 or $5!??

Anyways I tried to call one more time this morning to talk to a supervisor but the rep said they would talk to one and let me know. He then comes back and tells me that they could not change the offer but would give me a $100 off credit. why?? So I would then pay $18.74/ mo and only get $100 credit? That's worse than $10/ mo!! 

Needless to say I have had enough. I am going to take my $2000- $2400 per year payments to another carrier. I can move to AT&T right now, get 2 very new phones, and still pay less than I am with VZW! 

I hope VZW is happy to lose &2400/ yr they would've gotten from me, for a measly $120 or so they save off of me!