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VERY unhappy!!!!


I have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years. My husband has also been with Verizon for over 10 years but a couple years ago, joined my plan. He has been having a lot of problems with his iphone 5 and is due for an upgrade in a month. We recently went to a Verizon store to see if there was any way he could do an early upgrade, but the salesperson was not very helpful. She just said, "You are not eligible" and that was it! My husband had to talk her into at least discussing phones so he knows what his next phone will be! She was just going to let us walk out the door after saying she can't help us! (This was after we had waited over 45 minutes to be helped, but the store was busy). His phone will not hold a charge longer than an hour being without a charger. It is only a month early to upgrade, yet she did not see if there was ANYTHING that could be done! With all the deals going on with other carriers for "new customers only", there is not much reason to stay with Verizon if they aren't willing to at least try to help us and make it look like they care about their customers! We both have been happy with Verizon over the last 10+ years, but if this is how a long time customer is going to be treated, then there is no reason to stay here. We can get a better deal elsewhere! I also tried finding a way to email this message directly to customer service, but the only options I could find online are to live chat, post in the community, or call.

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Re: VERY unhappy!!!!


Hey, sorry for the trouble you had.  In-store there are some restrictions as far as what they can do, you can upgrade in-store only on the day you are eligible for an upgrade.  That's because they work on commission and it would be too tempting to upgrade people early.  Within call centers, there is normally a 30 day window so I would call them to see if something can be done.  Best of luck with your situation!

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