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VERY disappointed in Verizon


I have had service with this business for over 10 years. I have paid my bills and kept up with my responsibility as a customer. In September, I moved to London for a year of grad school. I was told that I could suspend my service every 90 days until I returned, extending my contract. That was fine and I talked with someone who helped me figure out how to suspend my service. From Sept. 2015 - Dec. 2015 my account was suspended and I was instructed to go online and complete the process again for another 90 days. I followed the instructions and successfully suspended my account. Just recently, I checked my account to get the proper date for another suspension, only to find that I now have an OVERDUE bill for $285. You can look on my history and no minutes, no data or text have been used. I called VZW only to find out that in Nov. 2015, a new policy was introduced that only allows one suspension per contract of which I was NOT informed. So now, on top of all of the stresses of grad school, I now have this issue to deal with. I called VZW, they informed me of the policy and said the only thing they could do was offer a one time courtesy of $30 towards my bill. I was informed that the following day after I suspended my account in Dec. 2015, because of the new policy that I was not informed of, my account reactivated and charges were reinstated, WITH NO NOTIFICATION and now I have this massive bill. I also cannot disconnect my service, change or reduce my plan, nothing - until I pay - and now I will continue to be charged. I will say that this treatment is very unfair. I've never had such poor customer service, especially after I have been a loyal customer. I would request that these charges be cleared - 1. I was not notified about the policy. 2. I was not notified about the reconnection after I suspended my services. 3. I obviously have not used ANY services, so I am not trying to get out of paying my bill. 4. If I was aware of the situation, I would have respected the policy, lowered my bill while I was out of the country and made payments on time with no issue. Now, I have this on my overfilled plate and no one at this company is willing to help. I will no longer be a customer of VZW and I would encourage those who also have had to deal with this injustice to do the same.

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Re: VERY disappointed in Verizon

Community Manager
Community Manager


I hope you're enjoying London. We're sorry to hear about this situation. We'd be happy to take a look at this for you to see if something else can be done here. The suspension policy for the 15 years prior to the recent change allowed up to 180 days per any rolling 12 month period, so we would have definitely run into a problem trying to go for a full year. I'll be happy to see what options we can provide you with. We want your trip to be a stress free success. Please reply to my message in the forum.

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