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Upgrade Firmware OTA on LG-G2 VS980 in Karachi, Pakistan.



I need some help in upgrading my LG-G2 VS980. Thanks in advanced.

My Location Information is:

City: Karachi.

Country: Pakistan.

I just purchased a LG-G2 VS980 from local market and it came with software version VS98024A. I read on the internet that VS98026A is also available. Now, when I try to upgrade my mobile using Settings->System Updates->Check for new system updates, it gives me error "Software download was unsuccessful - We were not able to download this update.". When I Check using "Check system update status", it shows "Result: Update Failed".

I am Not using verizon sim card. I am using local service provider.


1) How to know why the Update failed? Is there any detailed update status?

2) How to update to firmware to latest?

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Re: Upgrade Firmware OTA on LG-G2 VS980 in Karachi, Pakistan.

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If you purchased a Verizon branded device in your country to save a few bucks, return it and get your money back.

It is foolish to buy a device made for the United States to use in Pakistan. Call LG from their support page. Also Verizon wireless is not going to assist non customers

Good Luck