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Unparalleled Incompetence and No Accountability


Switching to Verizon was the most expensive mistake I've made this year. Worthless. 

No accountability - nobody to talk to who can actually make a change that helps the customer. 

My JetPack doesn't work. It's slower than 56k, it reboots randomly, at least 15 times per day. It sometimes boots and says 'No SIM Card'. After three or four more reboots, it will finally recognize the SIM card. 

I'm forced to pay for it or pay the extortion fee to turn it off. It's completely, thoroughly , totally worthless; it serves zero purpose, I can't use it. 

Does anyone at Verizon care? Nope.. Just pay me.

I've set up auto pay THREE TIMES, and my bill was overdue this month becqause in thier vast incompetence, Verizon somehow un-enrolled me from autopay...twice. 

The coverage in Florida was better at T-Mobile

The streaming was better at T-Mobile. 

The prices were better at T-Mobile. 

As soon as my extortion period ends, I'm leaving. 

If you are thinking of switching to Verizon, you will be overcharged, under-appreciated, ignored, sold garbage, and extorted. There is nothing you can do about it because nobody who can actually make a decision will communicate with the worthless 'customers'.