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Unpaid Over-payment Refund!


I made an over payment to my Verizon account at the end of March.  I called Financial Services immediately and requested a refund to my checking account.  I was given a confirmation number and assured that it would take no more than 10 days to 'process' and for me to receive my money back.  I was also told to call back in a few days to check on it.  I did, 3 times throughout April, even today, April 28! Each time before today, I was never asked for a 'confirmation number', and each time was told it was being handled and that the day I called (both previous times) was the 10th day and to keep checking my bank account for the deposit.  Finally, I called today and told the financial services representative that I wanted the straight answer.  I was informed that an outside entity oversees refunds and was not connected to Verizon.  Also, because the new billing period came during my 'wait time', I was denied the refund, and not informed.  I feel this is an incredibly inappropriate way to handle  situations involving bill payment.  I am NOT at all pleased with the outcome of this transaction with Verizon.  My Verizon services are incredibly expensive and if I could, I would switch. 

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Re: Unpaid Over-payment Refund!

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how did you made payment ? was it V error or you made mistake by over payment ?

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