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Unlimited data tradeoff


I have noticed since verizon has started offering unlimited data that the service has gotten slower and slower. I can't use the data I'm paying for at these speeds, what is the incentive to pay more for unlimited.

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Re: Unlimited data tradeoff

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Where are you located? I was expecting the same issue with slower speeds. I live in a suburb of Austin, and was averaging consistent speeds of 28 to 30Mbps, and thought for sure it would drop significantly. But to my surprise, my speeds have actually increased, and now I am averaging 58Mbps down and 37 up consistently. When I travel into Austin (17 miles), I average 67 down and 45 up. I switched to the unlimited plan in Feb and my bill is actually $25 cheaper, going to the UDP from the 16GB plan.

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Re: Unlimited data tradeoff

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Seems unlikely the numbers have increased that much....

congestion is the only reason, but would it have changed that quickly.

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Re: Unlimited data tradeoff

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's not what I want you to feel and I understand your need more speed because of the cost involved, Cynrob. Let me find out what is going on and assist you. What's your zip code? When did this issue start happening? Share more details so I can look into a resolution and get your speed running faster.


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