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Re: Unlimited data plan

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"Would the dollars spent equal more dollars coming in?  Right now that appears to be no.   Spending money without getting a return is not smart."

That's an opinion, not a fact.

The fact is, Verizon has the money to put up more towers and add spectrum.

It's just a matter of having the will, and Verizon doesn't have the will.

If they did, they would've spent that $18 billion...

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Re: Unlimited data plan

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You just restated again that Verizon has money to put up the towers. I again do not dispute that. However, what you did not show, is that will make financial sense for Verizon. What I correctly stated is it makes no sense to spend money if you are not going to make money on that investment.

It is not an opinion that spending money without getting a return is not smart.

Do you not believe that if Verizon penciled out that it could make gobs of money by installing more towers, acquiring more frequencies, and then selling unlimited with the best coast to coast coverage they would not do it? Something doesn't pencil out for them and, yes my opinion, but it must be the profit return is not there or they cannot sell it at a price that pay back the investment, makes them a profit they want, and is a price consumers are willing to pay.

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