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Unlimited Data ??????


I did not know a corporation could change the meaning of a word in the English language. Since when did the word "Unlimited" change to mean unlimited with limits?

Definition of unlimited from the dictionary:


  1. no limited; unrestricted; unconfined:unlimited trade.
  2. boundless; infinite; vast:lo unlimited skies.
  3. without cualquier qualificationexception; unconditional.

It doesn't say unlimited to a point and then limited. I don't know, is it just me? Maybe i'm misinterpreting it.

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Re: Unlimited Data ??????


Data Usage you are allowed isn't limited. However the speed of said data is per the terms of the plan.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.


Re: Unlimited Data ??????


I'm unlimited and I'm being charged 15.00. I'm checkout the BBB. see if they can't help me   Verizon  is straight up stealing from the people. Now my Verizon says I only have 5 days of data! I just paid 166.00. They are not doing the people right  pretty sad you ask me.  Guess when I'm done filing complaints  I will pay the phone off and go with at&t my friend has them in my area. Bill does not fluctuate  Unlimited is unlimited data.


Re: Unlimited Data ??????

Líder Sénior

Of course, there are ALWAYS limits, even with something labeled as "unlimited". For example, you only have 1 month in which to use this data before you have to pay another monthly fee. THAT by itself is a "limit". You don't pay for the data ONCE and then have unlimited data, you have to pay for it EACH and EVERY month. THAT is the only LIMIT you have for the 'amount' of data you can use without having to pay additional fees. Aside from the 'time' limit of 1 month in which to use this data, you have no 'limits' on the 'amount' you can use without additional fees.

The AMOUNT of data you are able to use WITHOUT additional fees is UNLIMITED. It is ALL of the terms in the definition you have posted. It is unrestricted in amount. It is unconfined in amount. It is boundless in amount. It is infinite in amount. It is vast in amount. It is without qualification in amount. etc...


Re: Unlimited Data ??????


I'm with you I just do not get the games they play. Have you ever tried to use the internet at their "reduced" speeds? It is slower that a 56k modem and usually hangs because the latency is so slow it thinks it has disconnected, Pretty much useless, I guess thats the point.   Since you are sending data how does verizon know if it is a video stream or a data stream? Not all video streams the same way. I recently found out after an overage that Direct TV uses your internet data connection to stream on demand movies. I never authorized that, What am I paying them for.

The best part is what goes around will come around