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Unlimited Data with Hum Purchase and Agreement


We purchased the hum system for over $350 and with it came unlimited data.  However since we did that we never have more than 3 bars and often zero bars.  We can no longer make calls or access the internet in places where we previously had no issues. I contacted customer service and this was their response:


I then pointed out that this was not disclosed to us and is not communicated in the purchase agreements. I told him I felt we were sold this product and service under false pretenses. Verizon response:

[removed] about getting messed up!  I'm probably going to file complaints with the FCC and CPA...wondering if anyone else on the forum has purchased Hum with the unlimited data plan and if so, what is your experience with network performance.


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Re: Unlimited Data with Hum Purchase and Agreement

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Plan selection has no effect whatsoever on bars

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