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Unfathomable, intolerable incompetence with FIOS installation


So I've been with Verizon Wireless for years and haven't had much complaints beyond the varying "fees" that crop up rather shadily from time to time. Still, Verizon has been generally good to me so when I saw that they were offering a nice deal on a FIOS internet package it seemed like a no brainer. Called up, got the appointment ready and made sure I had a day off to get the installation done.

Only it wasn't that simple. Apparently when installing the infrastructure for the FIOS cable for our building in NYC they severed the wiring that leads to our apartment. At least that's as coherent as I can express the situation as trying to get a handle on it has been a ludicrously confusing nightmare for everyone involved, including Verizon. Long story short I spent hours on a day I could've been making money waiting for an installation that didn't occur due to the incompetence of the construction crew FIOS employs in our area and was told literally nothing by the installers as to when it would be fixed. That would be fine enough. We're all human, we all make mistakes and this wasn't their department. However I was expecting some modicum of service or decorum in order to rectify the mistake. Instead whenever trying to pry out whatever meager answers I was able to receive about the problem I've been met with derision, confusion and a literal inability of representatives of this company to explain what is actually going on.

Upon my first call, after literally hours of waiting with a very patient if utterly baffled support representative who tried very diligently to coordinate information between the company's departments on my behalf I was told they didn't have any answers but that I would receive a call the next day. Not a great start but I'm trying to be patient. No such call was made to me.

But there was a snow storm at the time and I can imagine this made people busy so I waited patiently for a week to hear something, ANYTHING from the company. Nothing. Seems like we were forgotten.

Second call made and what do you know? There are still no answers. To top off the absurdity I was told to merely try calling back in a week, not to ensure scheduling of the repairs but to simply receive an answer as to why Verizon, arguably the biggest internet company out there, is unable to send someone out to repair a WIRE.

This is unacceptable. I'd understand if I were given SOME sort of justification for this ludicrous delay but to have contacted the company on multiple occasions over a week's time and to see that literally ZERO progress has been made to rectify THEIR ERROR is beyond incompetence? My recent experiences with this company have genuinely fed serious doubts in its ability to truly function, or perhaps more accurately it seems that there is only one way to get the attention of this sprawling monolith that through the structure of their website and call-center services seems intent on completely severing their connection with their customers: through money.

I will not accept that after a week Verizon has no answers as to the install of their services. I cannot in good conscience believe that this is through nothing other than deplorable laziness, horrendous gaps in interdepartmental communication, or just plain apathy from the company itself. So let me make it simple:

If Verizon does not step up to the plate to rectify their rather simple initial error in installing this service in a timely fashion I will not only cancel said installation of internet service, I will also be terminating my Verizon Wireless service. Not only that but I will make sure everyone in my building, everyone on my block, everyone in my neighborhood is made aware of your egregious incompetence and will be encouraging to take their business elsewhere.

Thank you for your attention.

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Re: Unfathomable, intolerable incompetence with FIOS installation

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I realize you put a lot into this post and it does sound like a big headache, however.....

This community is strictly for the wireless side of things (as it is two entirely different entities for landline/home services dealing with hardwired/Fiber optic internet & TV while Verizon Wireless only deals with mobile devices). If you click on the residential section at the top of the page it will take you into the FIOS community Forums, or you can go here:

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