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Unfair charge


our contracts were up so my husband and I got new phones.  Such a deal?  Then we get bill for dev pump upgrade fee of $30 each.  Seems excessive under the circumstances.  Anyone have suggestions on carriers that are more reasonable and fair?


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Re: Unfair charge


All carriers have an upgrade fee now. The cost is similar to the other carriers.

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Re: Unfair charge

Community Manager
Community Manager

HELNEW46, we always want your upgrade to be an enjoyable process and we're sorry to learn that the upgrade fee came as a surprise to you. We value your loyalty and we would never want to see you leave our Verizon family. We pride ourselves on providing the right expectations for our customers during every interaction to help avoid an experience such as this.


We know there's a lot of information that's disclosed during the upgrade process. The upgrade fee is in place to help us offset operation costs associated with upgrading and activating devices. By paying this one-time charge upfront, this allows us to provide you with the best value on our current pricing and enhancements on network so we can continue to provide you with the best 4G LTE network. Does this provide clarity?


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