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Transfer upgrade between lines


I know I can TRANSFER the upgrade eligibility.  Ex note 9 with upgrade and note 7 no upgrade but monthly payments still on. So Note 7 can't upgrade but note 9 can, note 9 transfer the upgrade to note 7 what happened next? 

Do the payment of note 7 show up in note 9? Can I trade in note 7 for a new phone? 

No one is able to give me an answer to this. 

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Re: Transfer upgrade between lines

Líder Sénior

It goes by the line (number), not the phone.  Your line with note 9 has upgrade.  If you use that to get a different phone for the note 7 line, the currents payments on the note 7 continue, the line line with the 9 will get the new payments. The line with the 7 is still on payments, so the 7 cannot be traded in.  The 9 could be traded in since payments were complete.  

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Re: Transfer upgrade between lines

Community Manager
Community Manager

We want to ensure that you know all aspects of processing an alternative upgrade, Ilary. Weth is correct as the upgrade eligibility is tied to the line of service rather than a device specifically. If you are to upgrade using the Note 9’s upgrade, then transfer the phone to the Note 7 line, the Note 9 line of service would retain the Device Payment Agreement till completion. If there is still a Device Payment Agreement required for the Note 7, it is not able to be traded in. Here is a site that will further explain the process of switching upgrade eligibility:


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