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Trade-in credits lost due to new line creation


When I spoke to a Verizon Rep about leaving my family's plan and creating a new line with unlimited data for myself, I was not informed that the trade-in credits I received for MY OWN PHONE on my family's plan would not be transferred over.  I do not see why me transferring my line to my own account (and actually paying MORE per month than I was previously) would cancel the deal I got when I traded in my iPhone 6 for the iPhone 7.  I wish the Verizon rep would have told me this before I transferred, because now I have to spend about triple what I expected to.  Is there any way that I could keep the deal that I signed up for?

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Re: Trade-in credits lost due to new line creation

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We always want to set the proper expectations. I've sent you a private message to discuss options.


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Re: Trade-in credits lost due to new line creation


I had the same thing happen to me except I was transferring my own line to my family's plan.

Absolutely NO ONE told me the credit wouldn't transfer.

Not the in-store sales people nor the person on the phone when I called to transfer my line.

It wasn't until AFTER everything had been processed that I noticed my bill DID NOT go down by the $20 that the in-store sales person told me it would. It WOULD HAVE been $20 had my credit transferred.

When I called customer service to ask about it the girl told me all she could do was offer me a one-time $5 off (which was appreciated) but Verizon still owes me $133 in trade-in credit. (That's more than an entire month's bill, mind you.)

This trade in program is such a SCAM. They hype it up with high dollar amounts in big bold letters so people will participate and then conveniently leave out the important details. Then customers are left in the dark, wondering where all of that money went, because no one told them that there were repercussions/limitations to said program.

I can see that Verizon doesn't appreciate it's customers in the slightest.