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To aggressive for a sale



     I just left a verizon wireless store where the female sale representative was very pushy in fact she was so pushy, she push me right on out of

the door and did not get a sale from me. First rule of sales thumb....never show the customer something they did not ask for....I went in for a phone, and

since she had my account already pulled up (computers they use)she knew I already had a tablet but she showed me a tablet. Then ask me did I have kids.......I said no I do not have kids and she stared at me as though I was was lying until I finally said my children are adults. That did it for me and then told me the activation went up to 40.00 instead of 30.00 and then said, just to let you know all of the other carriers went up to sprint, t mobile, etc.

She offered her card and I took it and left so that I would at least have her correct name, but I would never give my business to her or verizon

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