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The employer give me the wrong gift card code!

I joined Verizon on NOV 7, the day there is an employee who said that if I join Verizon I can get a gift card for $150 for 4 lines so the total is $600. He gave me the code and the website where I can claim it. After a couple of times trying to claim it but it doesn't work. I tried to call the customer service and they said that this is the wrong code, the code he gave me will work when I purchase a new phone. The person on the phone said he should give me the one without the purchase of a new phone. The person on the phone was trying to find a different code for like an hour but cant finds any. This is basically a scam to make people join Verizon.

Re: The employer give me the wrong gift card code!
Asistencia al cliente

Hello, sontran2307. First and foremost, welcome to the family. It worries us to hear of the problems you've had trying to redeem the promotion you were offered when you joined. We are here to help, and we'll do everything in our hands for you to receive the promotion you qualified for. From what you mentioned, you are using a phone that you brought in from another carrier?