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The Unlimited Plan Promo Requirement Scam


As a Verizon Wireless customer for 10+ years, I find the requirement to 'upgrade' to the Unlimited Data Plan in order to receive discount promotions on new release phones to be a deceptive scam.

Prime Examples: LG G6

The promotional offer (by the Manufacturer) only requires a Trade-In.

However, Verizon further requires the customer to be on the Unlimited Data Plan.

Price Breakdown:

LG G6 Promotion: 50% Off with Trade-In (as stated on the LG Website).

Req. compra de $672 con pago de dispositivo. Less $336 trade-in/promo credit applied over 24mos: credit starts w/in 1-2 cycles & promo credit ends when balance is paid or line terminated/transferred or changed to an ineligible plan: 0% AP. Fully paid off eligible trade-in must be in good working and cosmetic condition.

This promo links to the Verizon page for the LG G6:

LG G6 | Verizon Wireless

"LG G6 50% Off with Trade-In" (Note the Popup '?' states "2 Offers Available" but there is no link or means of seeing what these offers are).

At the bottom of the Verizon Website are Deals and Special Offers Page (None of the listings actually link to this page)

The offer clearly states "Select Trade-In and Unlimited Required" for all of these discounts on new phones.

I currently share the 8GB (Large) Plan with my wife, which is $70/month.

This is far more data than we actually use. I switched from the legacy 4GB plan to this plan recently, as it is the same price, but we never reached the 4GB limit either.

At $140/month for 2 lines on the Unlimited Plan (double the line fee of the 8GB Plan), the requirement to spend an additional $70/month to receive the promotional discounts on new phones is absurd.

As a long time customer of Verizon Wireless, and one who does not burden their network with a high bandwidth requirement, you should be offering greater promotional discounts to customer who use the Smaller Data Packages.

Of course, they will do not do this, because they make profits by getting customer to sign up for plans that cost far more than the promotional discounts offer in the long run: $336 promo discount / $70/month additional cost of Unlimited Plan is made back in 4.8 Months...of a 24 month contract...I would spend an additional $1330 over 24 months by taking advantage of this discount for data I would never use.

The fact that is requirement is not clearly stated on their product pages, or even the checkout cart page (which offers a link that does not work) makes it a deliberate, deceptive tactic on the part of Verizon.

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Re: The Unlimited Plan Promo Requirement Scam

Asistencia al cliente

We definitely appreciate your loyalty and I understand your concern regarding the promotions, gmcmorrow.  The information that you provided is correct. I will be more than glad to help check if we can find any account specific promotions that may be available to you.  I will be reaching out to you in a private message to better assist.


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