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Terrible new customer experience


Went down to my local verizon store to switch carriers because my employer offers a nice discount. Talked to the rep who was very nice and helpful. I asked his help with picking out the right plan. He was nice enough to lay out all the plans for me. Except when he did this, he failed to factor my discount price in the basic plans. He did however factor in my discount to the higher end and to the bundle plans. Which made it appear that for almost the same price I could have a free tablet and a free hotspot with access to the network. I went ahead and signed up for the higher end plan and the bundle package. Once I started digging around and crunching the numbers, I later realized the sales rep either accidently mislead me, or did so purposely to sell the bigger package. Then there is the extra $40 activation fees per device ($80 total), which was never mentioned in store. To make matters worse, the tablet I received is a generation older than what is advertised on the website, and I was charged $50 more than what is listed on the website. I realize that some of this is my fault for not being an informed consumer, but these seem like immoral business practices to me. I'm hoping to be able to return the tablet and the hotspot without many fees (activation and restocking fees) These items were purchased less than a week ago. I've heard many good things from other people about verizon customer service and I'm hoping this all can get rectified.

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Re: Terrible new customer experience


You have 14 days from the date of purchase to return the Tablet and I believe the Hotspot as well. As for the activation fee, it's always been around. I don't know which carrier you're coming from, but you most likely you've paid one previously. If you had signed up on Verizon Edge the activation fee is waived. Online prices do tend to be different, in the past it's online only specials, but it never hurts to ask, you just would have had to taken a day to look into everything.

If you didn't realize about the activation fees, I feel you should note that your first bill will be higher than you expect, it covers the first partial month and the following. The employee discount is taken ONLY off the data package. Meaning if you signed up for 8GB of data for $80, the discount only comes off that $80. Your line access fees of $40 stay the same. Did they have you apply/verify to get the employee discount in the store or do you need to do that still?