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System issue? Promise to pay not honored.


I was unsure what my promise to pay amount was— and couldn’t find my email from 2 weeks ago. 
I called in (automated) to double check (I was sure it was more), and sure enough it was the same amount in-app (of $35).

So, I made that payment. Now my services are shut off. This is the SECOND time this has happened. We have 7 lines, as we pay for my grandparents, and so many fees to pay. I can't keep doing this with you guys!


Re: System issue? Promise to pay not honored.

Asistencia al cliente

We want to ensure you are still getting the best Verizon experience. The Promise-to-Pay tools can be very handy; however, they cannot guarantee that services will not be interrupted. Instead, we recommend contacting our Financial Services for such a guarantee. Please, Private Message us so that an agent can take a look and we'll see what's going on. - NicholasS_VZW