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Switching to New Verizon plan is cheaper?

I am currently on the Unlimited Talk and Text plan with 1G data. I pay $60 a month plus taxes/fees. (This plan did not allow for me to use an employer discount.)  I don't need more data, but some months I am close to my limit. I would definitely use more data if my plan had more.

According to the website, I can switch to the New Verizon Plan with single line and 5G data (and use my employer's 15% discount) for $54 plus taxes/fees. Assuming that the taxes/fees are similar to what I pay now (~$6) , I'll get 5G for $6 less? I don't need anywhere near 5G but heck, its cheaper! Are there more taxes/fees/surcharges on this new plan? Am I missing something? I'm going to cry if I switch and the plan ends up being like $80-90 total because I didn't anticipate other fees.

(BTW, I am past my contract end date and upgrade eligible but I really do not need a new phone, nor do I want the bill hike that will accompany new phone payments.)

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Re: Switching to New Verizon plan is cheaper?

Change NOW.. you are paying way too much.  Trust what you read.

Re: Switching to New Verizon plan is cheaper?
Líder Sénior

This offer is excellent.   And very genuine. 

Re: Switching to New Verizon plan is cheaper?
Asistencia al cliente

NoodlePoodle, we want you take advantage of our best plans with the best price! We would like to further investigate the details of your account. I have sent you a personal message, please respond to that message. Gracias.


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