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Switch from active HTC One M7 to iPhone 6s (Unlocked)`


I have an HTC One M7 that was bought on a 24 month contract that expires in November. However, I would like to get the new iPhone (unlocked) from Apple. Now I am wondering if I can buy the phone (unlocked) from Apple and activate on my current line. I know the HTC One M7 uses micro SIM and the iPhone 6s uses nano SIM.

Since my SIM card would be incompatible with the new device, is there a way to receive a new SIM from Verizon for an unlocked phone? Or do I have to purchase the prepaid line SIM card? My goal is to add the new iPhone to the existing contract, on the same line I have been using, without having to buy the phone through Verizon, which I can't until November when my contract is due for renewal. Or is there a way that I can get an early upgrade to the new iPhone 6s through Verizon?

Also my HTC One M7 is not in the best condition so I doubt I'd get anything for a trade, i.e. camera burnt out from heat damage from the phone itself (great design there) and the aluminum has scratches on it, no screen damage though.


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Re: Switch from active HTC One M7 to iPhone 6s (Unlocked)`
Líder Sénior

Buy the phone you want and go to a corporate store to get a SIM and activate it on your line in place of the HTC.  You still have to finish the contract to finish paying off the HTC, but you can change to a compatible phone whenever you'd like.  I suggest going to a store because the iPhone ESN/IMEI may not be in Verizon's database to activate online.  You might also make a call, but you need a SIM to make this work.  You COULD get a SIM for the iPhone and use an adapter to activate it in your HTC, that is another route to take.