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Switch from Monthly Shared Plan to Prepaid


I want to know what it will cost me to switch from my current Nationwide share plan (2 lines) to a prepaid plan--specifically the $1.99/day prepaid plan.  My iPhone with primary number has a contract end date of December 29, 2015.  The other line is month-to-month and I just want to get rid of it.

I want to keep my primary number.  I am currently not living in the United States and use the service of my local carrier for my iPhone.  It hardly makes sense for me to continue to pay $100/month for a service I do not use.  But when I come to the U.S., I would like to use my iPhone on Verizon.  Also a question re the $1.99/day plan.  Do you only pay $1.99 on the days you use the device?  In other words, if I am in the United States for one week, I will have incurred charges against my prepaid deposit of $13.93?  Then if I am out of the country again for several months, I incur zero charges on my Verizon prepaid plan?


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Re: Switch from Monthly Shared Plan to Prepaid


Smartphones require one of the monthly prepaid plans on Verizon Wireless. You can't use the $1.99 per day plan.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.


Re: Switch from Monthly Shared Plan to Prepaid


according to Verizon contract that would have been put in place at the time you took service and from what you state above.. the 2nd phone is past the contracted day and now is month to month.. if true.. (we are unable to access accounts to see or verify sorry) than you are free to disconnect that one at any time without penalty.. the main line you state the contract ends in Dec 2015.. the end of this year.. you are responsible for the contract until than or you may opt out and paid any equipment charges that are still due and a termination fee that was agreeable upon when service started...

if those two options do not work for you,, another suggestion is to find someone within Verizons area that will take over responsibility of that phone and the remaining contract.. both of you would than need to go to one of the store locations. show proof of ID and have everything transferred to the other person..

there are very few companies left that sell the phones where you load minutes only as needs.. with like a calling card.. the minutes are expensive..

hope that helps clarify your options.