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Suspend line without billing!


Hello Verizon,

After 3 long calls with your customer representatives, I am sending this complain regarding my verizon account. In August 2015, I was told by one of your customer representative that I could suspend my line without billing twice between September 2015 and May 2016. This information was once again confirmed during a call I had with one of your representative on December 2015. The incorrect information is even in the logs that the representative use to take notes. In early January 2016, I tried to suspend for the second time my line without billing, and I am not able anymore to do it. After a long call with one of your representative in January 2016, the rep told me that it is not possible to do so and that representatives do not have the access to do it. During my last call, the representative acknowledged the fact that I was provided with incorrect information twice, and that this incorrect information have a significant negative impact on me.

in France until May 2016, I am now forced to pay for my plans in January, February, March, and April because I cannot suspend my line without billing, even if the representative of your company told me twice it was possible. This is terrible and I consider this stealing. I am very mad at your company for doing this to me: announcing me that i cannot re-suspend when I am abroad. I am now forced to pay 60USD x 4 months for a service that I am not using and for a bill that WAS NOT EVEN EXPECTED!!!!

As I am coming back to the US in May 2016, do something so that I become a happy customer again or I will take further actions.

[Personal information removed for privacy reasons as required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service]

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Re: Suspend line without billing!


What kind of further actions do you think you can take? It used to be that you could suspend, that may have changed. You signed the contract, the bill is your responsibility no matter where you travel.  You would have to pay it regardless as the amount of time it's suspended without billing is extended to your contract.


Re: Suspend line without billing!

Líder Sénior

Whether or not you were given incorrect information is not clear. Verizon USED to allow you to suspend without billing for 90 days twice in a 12 month period. Their policy has changed, though, and it is now only once in a 12 month period. The information you were given was probably correct 3 months ago. That does not prevent Verizon from changing their policies after that time.

Regardless, you would have had to pay for service in March, April & May anyway. 180 days of suspension without billing would have only given you September thru February.