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Still waiting on a number port, one month in now...


I had Virgin Mobile service and attempted to port over my old number to Verizon.  I used a Verizon-locked iPhone 4S to do this (I will be later switching to a Galaxy S3, if this ever finishes).  I waited a week for the port to happen, which it didn't.  I still get all calls and some texts only on the old phone.  I called Verizon and they went through the programming process again (which I had previously done through the online instructions).  Nothing happened, and about a week later I called in again and additionally updated the port request with the correct Virgin Mobile account number (I thought my phone number *was* the account number; it turns out the account number was another very hard to find number).  I have now waited over a week again and nothing has changed.  Verizon customer service, please investigate this and fix this port.  If it cannot be fixed I will have to try to revert the port back to my old provider, which I can only imagine will be an even messier process.  Carrying two phones weighing over a pound at all times (keeping them charged, switching back and forth, paying for both, the constant anxiety that I may lose my phone number, etc) is frustrating and I need to be done with this asap, especially since I need to switch to a different Verizon phone once this is fully completed.

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Re: Still waiting on a number port, one month in now...

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It took me calling the porting dept. ( 888-844-7095)  to get my phone at 100% working, because my Boost phone was still making and receiving calls and texts and using data the next day, but my Verizon phone would receive and send texts and use data, but could only call out, but not receive calls.  (Make sure to have your Boost or other carrier account number and PIN, if any, available.  Boost makes you call them to get your account number, and make sure to say, "For my records."

One can also check port status here:  Transfer Your Phone Number - Switch to Verizon Wireless