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Split account with family, but now in collections


I split my account with my family a few years ago and made it clear that the bill and names on the accounts should be separate meaning I have my own bill with my husband and my family has their own under my brother or mom's name. A couple years later I discovered Verizon never put their name on the account and to my surprise today I learned this has went to collections as I got a call today about it. This was Verizon's mistake so who do I speak with about getting this taken care of?

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Re: Split account with family, but now in collections

Verizon Employee

jb1984, I understand your concerns about your previous account and am sorry to hear that we were not able to properly process your request. You've come to the right place for help and I'm confident that we'll be able to investigate the status of your previous account. Please your check your inbox for a Private Message so that we may review further.


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