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So fed up with Verizon wireless and the ever increasing bills.... Leaving...


Longtime customer of Verizon Wireless and I am at wits end with the ever increasing bills due to ever increasing data charges.  You start at one plan and it's not enough.  They move you to the next.  You use your devices in the same manner and yet here we are once again going over on data.  Their answer is always to bump you up to the next level.  My phone bill last month was 1/4 of my mortgage payment just by going over 2g.  I've called to complain on numerous occasions.  One tech even said that it's because 4g LTE is more efficient.... How on earth does that even make any sense.  What ever happened to customer loyalty?  Verizon wireless rewards loyalty by increasing bills.  These phone prices have also gotten way out of hand.  $1000 for a new device?  Get real....  Your customer retention is terrible as well.  Worst customer service I've had in a long time.  This "data" age that we live in has gotten way too out of control...  What I would give to go back to just a regular flip phone.  Since Verizon wireless has done nothing to keep me as a customer, I have no choice but to leave.  The amount needed to sever ties is ridiculous but in my opinion well worth it...  So disgusted... 

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