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Service in Alaska


Do not go with Verizon in Alaska.  It is one of the worst services in the state.  They claim to offer 4g and you will rarely get 3g in most locations.  They share the local cable companies line and it is based on roaming.  ATT or just GCI services are the only 2 real options you have when you come here.  Verizon will sell you the world and tell you how they have coverage everywhere in this state.  So untrue.  Once your trapped in the contract don't expect them to release you for not having service as promised.  Before I moved from Anchorage to Kodiak I walked into store and told them to verify if they have service, so they did, the only thing they verified is a red circle on a digital map and says you'll be fine we turned your roaming on.  Get to Kodiak and I can't access anything.  It has been two weeks now in tier 2 tech support and rather than just outright telling me they have no service here they say, we will have a technician work on resolving this issue.  It could take up to a few days or a week.  But we will get back with you.  So then you trust in that they will do just that but somewhere in the following week you get a phone call from a tier 1 support asking you if there is anything they can help you with you explain to them and then they send you over to someone else and then the broken record starts.  You will have to repeat yourself over and over and over each time you call in or chat with support. Getting the same spiel and repeating your same concerns.  YOU HAVE NO TOWERS OR SERVICE IN KODIAK!!!!!.  Stop hiding behind the tech support as though they are going to fix something that doesn't exist.  It is not a phone issue it is a service issue as you have none.  ATT works flawlessly here.  My work requires me to have data and phone service yet I have to borrow my co-workers just to do my job because verizon does not want to release me out of a contract that they know they are unable to fulfill.  Many calls, many chats, I save every time I chat on text support because it is documented.  The issue with t2 tech is they only use phone service and you can't save what they tell you.  I have even been promised things by them and the next tech....we don't see anything in the system.  How is that for customer service.  So if you are coming to Alaska and need phone service do not I repeat do not go to verizon.  They do not work up here in Alaska as they say they do.  Save yourself the headaches.  Hope this helps as I still am waiting on service here in Kodiak Alaska.  I am still waiting on that tier 2 tech support to resolve my issue.  I am still waiting on a 3g connection.  I am still waiting on my account to be credited to reflect the problems I have been faced with.  I am still waiting to be released so I can go to a provider who actually services my area.

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